WG4 Meeting

London, 9. – 10. May 2013

The WG4 meeting was organised by Alexander Shluger at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London (UK). It brought together more than 40 researchers from the COST Action as well as from several colleges across London. >>>

Joint WG1 + WG3 Meeting

Vienna, 18. – 19. April 2013

The meeting was locally organized by Günther Rupprechter in close connection with the WG1 and WG2 Coordinators at the Vienna University of Technology. The meeting saw the participation of approximately 60 scientists. >>>

WG2 Meeting

Modena, 21. – 22. March 2013

firstWG2_groupHeld in the historical “Complesso San Geminiano”, it was the first unique occasion for discussing WG2 research advances along the two directions which define the WG2 mission, i.e. the preparation of new forms of reducible oxides and the development/improvement of analytical methods and techniques. >>>

Morphology and nanostructure of CeO2(111) surfaces of single crystals and Si(111) supported ceria films

H. H. Pieper ,  C. Derks ,  M. H. Zoellner ,  R. Olbrich ,  L. Tröger , T. Schroeder ,  M. Neumann, and M. Reichling, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 14, 15361 (2012).