Joachim Paier


Quantum chemical simulations on reactions at surfaces of reducible oxides

Institute of Chemistry, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Dr. Joachim Paier received his PhD in Physics at the University of Vienna, Austria in 2008. After two postdoctoral stays with Prof. Dr. Georg Kresse, University of Vienna, Austria in 2008 and with Prof. Gustavo E. Scuseria, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA in 2009, he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Joachim Sauer at the Humboldt University Berlin as a research associate (2010). Besides of his teaching responsibilities, he is designing and supervising the research projects targeting at atomistic simulations on selective oxidation reactions at transition metal oxide catalysts supported on rare-earth metal oxide surfaces. >>>

Novel Photoelectrochemical Biosensors for Cholesterol Biosensing by Photonic “Wiring” of Cholesterol Oxidase

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