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From Heterolytic to Homolytic H2 Dissociation on Nanostructured MgO(001) Films As a Function of the Metal Support

H.-Y. T. Chen , L. Giordano, and G. Pacchioni, J. Phys. Chem. C  117, 10623 (2013).

Charge trapping in TiO2 polymorphs as seen by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy

M. Chiesa, M. C. Paganini, S. Livraghi, and E. Giamello, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15, 9435 (2013).

Charging of Gold Atoms on Doped MgO and CaO: Identifying the Key Parameters by DFT Calculations

S. Prada , L. Giordano, and G. Pacchioni, J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 9943 (2013).

Characterization of Active Sites/Entities and Redox/Catalytic Correlations in Copper-Ceria-Based Catalysts for Preferential Oxidation of CO in H2-Rich Streams

A. Martínez-Arias, D. Gamarra, A. B. Hungría, M. Fernández-García, G. Munuera, A. Hornés, P. Bera, J. C. Conesa, and A. López Cámara, Catalysts 3, 378 (2013).

Exceptional Thermal Stability of Pd@CeO2 Core−Shell Catalyst Nanostructures Grafted onto an Oxide Surface

L. Adijanto, D. A. Bennett, C. Chen, A. S. Yu, M. Cargnello, P. Fornasiero, R. J. Gorte, J. M. Vohs, Nano Lett. 13, 2252 (2013).

Enhanced Activity and Selectivity in Catalytic Methanol Steam Reforming by Basic Alkali Metal Salt Coatings

M. Kusche, F. Enzenberger, S. Bajus, H. Niedermeyer, A. Bösmann, A. Kaftan, M. Laurin, J. Libuda, and P. Wasserscheid, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 52, 5028 (2013).

Water oxidation surface mechanisms replicated by a totally inorganic tetraruthenium–oxo molecular complex

S. Piccinin, A. Sartorel, G. Aquilanti, A. Goldoni, M. Bonchio, and S. Fabris, PNAS 110, 4917 (2013).

Theoretical Studies of the Adsorption of CO and C on Ni(111) and Ni/CeO2(111): Evidence of a Strong Metal-Support Interaction

J. Carrasco, L. Barrio, P. Liu, J. A. Rodriguez, M. V. Ganduglia-Pirovano, J. Chem. Phys. C 117, 8241 (2013).

Epitaxial Cubic Ce2O3 Films via Ce–CeO2 Interfacial Reaction

V. Stetsovych, F. Pagliuca, F. Dvořák, T. Duchoň, M. Vorokhta, M. Aulická, J. Lachnitt, S. Schernich, I. Matolínová, K. Veltruská, T. Skála, D. Mazur, J. Mysliveček, J. Libuda, and V. Matolín, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 4, 866 (2013).

Methane oxidation over Pd supported on ceria–alumina under rich/lean cycling conditions

S. Fouladvand, S. Schernich, J. Libuda, H. Grönbeck, T. Pingel, E. Olsson, M. Skoglundh, P.-A. Carlsson, Top. Catal. 56, 410 (2013).