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Binding of atomic oxygen on graphene from small epoxy clusters to a fully oxidized surface

Ž. Šljivančanin, A. S. Milošević, Z. S. Popović, F. R. Vukajlović, Carbon 54, 482 (2013).

Structure of Ultrathin CeO2 Films on Pt(111) by Polarization-Dependent X-ray Absorption Fine Structure

P. Luches, F. Pagliuca, S. Valeri, and F. Boscherini, J. Phys. Chem C 117, 1030 (2013).

Interfacial interaction between cerium oxide and silicon surfaces

F. Pagliuca, P. Luches and S. Valeri, Surf. Sci. 607, 164 (2013).