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Electrochemical performance of SOFC with an anode based on Cu-Ni/CeO2 for methane direct oxidation

A. Hornés, M. J. EscuderoL. Daza, A. Martínez-Arias, J. Power Sources, 249, 520 (2014).

Capacitive contribution to Li-storage in TiO2 (B) and TiO2 (anatase)

B. Laskova, M. Zukalova, A. Zukal, M. Bousa, L. Kavan, J. Power Sources 246, 103 (2014).

The water–gas shift reaction over CeO2/CuO: Operando SSITKA–DRIFTS–mass spectrometry study of low temperature mechanism

A. L. Cámara, S. Chansai, C. Hardacre, A. Martínez-Arias, Int. Journ. Hydr. En. 39, 4095 (2014).