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Co3O4 particles grown over nanocrystalline CeO2: influence of precipitation agents and calcination temperature on the catalytic activity for methane oxidation

H. Wu, G. Pantaleo, G. Di Carlo, S. Guo, G. Marci, P. Concepcion, A. M. Venezia and L. F. Liotta, Cat. Sci. Technol. 5, 1888 (2015).

La1− xSrxCo1− yFeyO3− δ perovskites: Preparation, characterization and solar photocatalytic activity

E. García-López, G. Marcìa, F. Puleo, V. La Parola, L.F. Liotta, Appl. Catal. B: Eniviron. 178, 218 (2015).

Surface resonances in electron reflection from overlayers

E. E. Krasovskii, J. Höcker, J. Falta, and J. I. Flege, J. Phys. – Condens. Mat. 27, 035501 (2015).

Confinement effects for the F center in non-stoichiometric BaZrO3 ultrathin films

M. Arrigoni, E. Kotomin, D. Gryaznov, J. Maier, Phys. Stat. Sol. B 252, 139 (2015).

Water-Induced Oxidation and Dissociation of Small Cu Clusters on ZnO(10-10)

M. Hellström, D. Spångberg, P. Broqvist, and K. Hermansson, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 1382 (2015).