Final General Meeting

Osnabrück, 6. – 8. April 2016

Osnabrueck_final_meeting_group_photoThe concluding meeting of the CM1104 COST Action (ended 18.4.2016) was held in the Bohnenkamp-Haus of the Universität Osnabrück with the Action Chair Michael Reichling acting as the Local Organiser for 80 participants.

Speakers from all Working Groups presented their results with each session started by a presentation from an Early Career Investigator. In-depth discussions following the talks were continued in a large poster session. Presentations covered a large part of the Action activities with a focus on the session topics, titania, ceria and related structures, hafnia and perovskites, oxide films, atom/molecule-surface interaction, dopants and defects, catalysis and photocatalysis and fundamental aspects.

Download the meeting program and book of abstracts.

Meeting impressions