WG2 Publications Archive

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CO and O2 overlayers on Pd nanocrystals supported on TiO2(110)

C.-M. Yim, C.-L. Pang, D. S. Humphrey, C. A. Muryn, K. Schulte, R. Perez, G. Thornton, Faraday Discuss. 162, 191 (2012).

Periodic DFT Study of the Tetragonal ZrO2 Nanocrystals: Equilibrium Morphology Modeling and Atomistic Surface Hydration Thermodynamics

W. Piskorz, J. Gryboś, F. Zasada, P. Zapała,S. Cristol, J.-F. Paul, Z.Sojka, J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 19307 (2012).