WG2 Publications Archive

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Photon-, Electron-, and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy-Induced Defects on Oxide Surfaces

C. L. Pang, G. Thornton in “Defects at Oxide Surfaces” Springer Series in Surface Sciences, Ed. J. Jupille, G. Thornton, Springer International Publishing, 58, 429 (2015).

Defects at Oxide Surfaces

Springer Series in Surface Sciences, Ed. J. Jupille, G. Thornton, Springer International Publishing,  58 (2015).

Theoretical Study of the Stoichiometric and Reduced Ce-doped TiO2 Anatase (001) Surfaces

A.R. Albuquerque, A. Bruix, J.R. Sambrano, F. Illas, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 4805 (2015).

Reduced Ceria Nanofilms from Structure Prediction

S. M. Kozlov, I. Demiroglu, K. M. Neyman and S. T. Bromley, Nanoscale 7, 4361 (2015).

Promoted ceria catalysts for alkyne semi-hydrogenation

G. Vilé, P. Dähler, J. Vecchietti, M. Baltanás, S. Collins, M. Calatayud, A. Bonivardi, J. Pérez-Ramírez, J. Catal. 324, 69 (2015).

Oxygen Atom Exchange Between Gaseous CO2 and TiO2 Nanoclusters

S. Civis, M. Ferus, M. Zukalova, A. Zukal, L. Kavan, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 3605 (2015).

Agglomeration in core-shell structure of CuAg nanoparticles synthesized by the laser ablation of Cu target in aqueous solutions

S. Petrović, B. Salatić, D. Milovanović, V. Lazović, Ž. Lj, M. Trtica, and B. Jelenković, Journal of Optics 17, 025402 (2015).

Morphology, structural properties and reducibility of size-selected CeO2-x nanoparticle films

M. C. Spadaro, S. D’Addato, G. Gasperi, F. Benedetti, P. Luches, V. Grillo, G. Bertoni, S. Valeri, Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 6, 60 (2015).

LEIS and XPS investigation into the growth of cerium and cerium dioxide on Cu(111)

G. Vari, L. Óvári, J. Kiss, Z. Konya, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17, 5124 (2015).

Surface resonances in electron reflection from overlayers

E. E. Krasovskii, J. Höcker, J. Falta, and J. I. Flege, J. Phys. – Condens. Mat. 27, 035501 (2015).