WG4 Publications Archive

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Transition from Reconstruction toward Thin Film on the (110) Surface of Strontium Titanate

Z. Wang, A. Loon, A. Subramanian, S. Gerhold, E. McDermott, J. A. Enterkin, M. Hieckel, B. C. Russell, R. J. Green, A. Moewes, J. Guo, P. Blaha, M. R. Castell, U. Diebold and L. D. Marks, Nano Lett. 16, 2407 (2016).

Interfaces in nanocrystalline Oxide Materials: from Powders towards Ceramics

O. Diwald, K. P. McKenna, A. L. Shluger, in “Computational Modeling of Inorganic Nanomaterials” edited by S. T. Bromley, M. Zwijnenburg; CRC Press, (2016).

Electronic Reducibility Scales with Intergranular Interface Area in Consolidated In2O3 Nanoparticles Powders

D. Thomele, N. Siedl, J. Bernardi, and O. Diwald, J. Phys. Chem. C 120, 4581 (2016).

Porphyrin Metalation at MgO Surfaces: A Spectroscopic and Quantum Mechanical Study on Complementary Model Systems

J. Schneider, M. Franke, M. Gurrath, M. Röckert, T. Berger, J. Bernardi, B. Meyer, H.-P. Steinrück, O. Lytken and O. Diwald, Chem. Eur. Journ. 22, 1744 (2015).

Photocatalytic transformation of CO2 to CH4 and CO on acidic surface of TiO2 anatase

S. Civiš, M. Ferus, A. Knížek, P. Kubelík, L. Kavan, and M. Zukalová, Opt. Mater. 56, 80 (2015).

Relevance of non-equilibrium defect generation processes to resistive switching in TiO2

S. Abdelouahed and K. P. McKenna, J. Appl. Phys. 118, 134103 (2015).

Porphyrin Metalation at the MgO Nanocube/Toluene Interface

J. Schneider, F. Kollhoff, J. Bernardi, A. Kaftan, J. Libuda, T. Berger, M. Laurin, and O. Diwald, ACS Appl. Materials & Interfaces 7, 22962 (2015).

Modelling of oxygen vacancy aggregates in monoclinic HfO2: can they contribute to conductive filament formation?

S. R. Bradley, G. Bersuker, A: L. Shluger, J. Phys.: Cond. Matter  27, 415401 (2015).

The effect of dopants on the redox performance, microstructure and phase formation of ceria

A. Bonk, A. C. Maier, M. V. F. Schlupp, D. Burnat, A. Remhof, R. Delmelle, A. Steinfeld, and U. F. Vogt, J. Power Sources 300, 261 (2015).

Electrocoloration of donor-doped lead zirconate titanate under DC field stress

H. Ossmer, C. Slouka, L. Andrejs, P. Blaha, G. Friedbacher and J. Fleig, Solid State Ion. 281, 49 (2015).