Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland


WG4 members: Tiziana Musso, Teemu Hynninen, Janne Heikinheimo, Adam S. Foster, Filip Tuomisto

homepage:  physics.aalto.fi

The activity at the Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University, is concentrated in two research groups: The Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale group (SIN – http://physics.aalto.fi/groups/comp/sin) and the Positron Physics and Defect Spectroscopy group (positron – http://physics.aalto.fi/groups/positron).tuomisto

The SIN group focuses on computational modelling of nanoscale phenomena, and emphasis is placed on understanding and controlling the atomic processes dominating function at the surfaces and interfaces of application critical materials. The group is part of the Computational Nanoscience Centre of Excellence (COMP – comp.aalto.fi) based at the Aalto University, providing a very strong research environment.

The positron group focuses on the development and applications of positron annihilation -based spectroscopic tools in condensed matter research. Positron methods are in general selectively sensitive to defects with extra open volume in the crystal lattice, such as vacancies and vacancy clusters. Also atomic-scale interface structures (e.g., oxide-oxide or oxide-metal) are investigated.