Objectives and Achievements

Action objectives

Elucidating the origins of reducibility and achieving a fundamental understanding of the atomic structure, morphology, electronic and magnetic properties, as well as the reactivity of reducible oxides.

Atomic structure, defects and water molecules on a CeO2(111) surface.

Exploring the basic physical and chemical mechanisms responsible for the growth of reducible oxide structures and developing optimised innovative methods and protocols for the growth and analysis of these systems.

Controlling reducibility by rational system and process design based on a deep understanding of the principles governing surface reactivity at the microscopic and atomic scales.

Developing visions, concepts and systems for a wide range of novel applications like non-volatile resistive random access memories, solid oxide fuel cells, photovoltaic energy conversion, sensors and batteries.

Action achievements

By covering all levels of reducible oxide research from fundamentals to applications and from raw chemicals to sophisticated functional systems, the Action generates a universal base of knowledge and a unique platform for European scientific exchange.

The Action ties together a group of scientists in the field of reducible oxides representing a high innovative power and creates a coherently acting research infrastructure facilitating knowledge transfer to stakeholders and end users.

The development of reducible oxide systems for advanced methods of energy conversion is a direct investment into environmentally friendly technology fostering Europe’s transformation into a sustainable economy and society.

Action ended

The COST Action CM1104 ended on 18.4.2016; cooperative work in the spirit of the Action goes on.