WG3 Publications Archive

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Exploiting micro-scale structural and chemical observations in real time for understanding chemical conversion: LEEM/PEEM studies over CeOx–Cu(111)

T. Duchoň, J. Hackl, J. Höcker, K. Veltruská, V. Matolín, J. Falta, S. Cramm, S. Nemšák, C. M. Schneider, J. I. Flege and S. D. Senanayake, Ultramicroscopy (2017), in press.

Influence of trivalent doping on point and Frenkel defect formation in bulk chromium (III) oxide

J.J. Carey, M. Nolan, Sol. Stat. Ionics, 307,  51 (2017).

Water Gas Shift over Metal-Free Nanocrystalline Ceria: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

S.L. Suib, S. Senanayake, D. Vovchok, C. Guild, D. Kriz, A. Bruix, B. Hammer, J. Llorca, W. Xu, A. El-Sawy, S. Biswas, J. Rodriguez, Chem. Cat. Chem. 9, 1373 (2017).

Self-Consistent-Charge Density-Functional TightBinding (SCC-DFTB) Parameters for Ceria in 0D to 3D

J. P. Kullgren, M. J. Wolf, K. Hermansson, C. Köhler, B. Aradi, T. Frauenheim, and P. Broqvist, J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 4593 (2017).

Atomic Ordering and Sn Segregation in Pt–Sn Nanoalloys Supported on CeO2 Thin Films

A. Neitzel, G. Kovács, Y. Lykhach, S. M. Kozlov, N. Tsud, T. Skála, M. Vorokhta, V. Matolín, K. M. Neyman and J. Libuda, Top. Catal. 60, 522 (2017).

CO and VOCs catalytic oxidation over alumina supported Cu-Mn catalysts: effect of Au or Ag deposition

T. Tabakova, E. Kolentsova, D.  Dimitrov, K. Ivanov, M. Manzoli, A. M. Venezia, Y. Karakirova, P. Petrova, D. Nihtianova, G. Avdeev, Top. Catal. 60, 110 (2017).

Hot Electron Collection on Brookite Nanorods Lateral Facets for Plasmon-Enhanced Water Oxidation

A. Naldoni, T. Montini, F. Malara, M. M. Mróz, A. Beltram, T. Virgili, C. L. Boldrini, M. Marelli, I. Romero-Ocaña, J. J. Delgado, V. Dal Santo and P. Fornasiero, ACS Catal. 7, 1270 (2016).

Co-axial heterostructures integrating palladium/titanium dioxide with carbon nanotubes for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution

G. Valenti, A. Boni, M. Melchionna, M. Cargnello, L. Nasi, G. Bertoni, R. J. Gorte, M. Marcaccio, S. Rapino, M. Bonchio, P. Fornasiero, M. Prato and F. Paolucci, Nature Comm. 7, 13549 (2016).

An operando DRIFTS-MS study of NH3 removal by supported ionic liquid phase (SILP) materials

A. Kaftan, H. Klefer, M. Haumann, M. Laurin, P. Wasserscheid, and J. Libuda, Separ. Purif. Technol. 174, 245 (2017).

Engineering Polarons at a Metal Oxide Surface

C. M. Yim, M. B. Watkins, M. J. Wolf, C. L. Pang, K. Hermansson, and G. Thornton, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 116402 (2016).