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CECAM Workshop: Emergent structural and electronic phenomena at interfaces of nanoscale oxides

CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 08-10.04.2015

CeO2-based Materials in Catalysis and Electrochemistry

Ebsdorfergrund-Rauischholzhausen, Germany 27-30.07.2015

13th European Vacuum Conference, Special Symposium on “Ultra thin oxide films and oxide coatings applications”

Aveiro, Portugal 08-12.09.2014

Fundamentals and applications of cerium dioxide in catalysis

Udine, Italy 11-14.07.2014

CECAM Workshop: Understanding Structure and Functions of Reducible Oxide Systems – A Challenge for Theory and Experiment

Zaragoza, Spain 20-23.06.2011

CECAM Workshop: Titania for all Season: Multifunctionality of an undercover Semiconductor

Bremen, Germany 06-10.09.2010

CERIA 2010, Workshop on cerium oxide

Modena, Italy 23-25.06.2010