CMST Domain Annual Progress Conference

Dublin, 4. – 6. June 2012

The Annual Progress Conference of the Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technology Domain is a meeting where Domain Committee members and the Chairs of all Actions within the CMST Domain come together to discuss scientific progress and directions.


Dieter Schinzer (left), chair of the Molecular Sciences and Technologies Domain Committee welcomes the participants of the meeting while the local host Patrick Guiry (right) introduces the University College Dublin School of Chemistry.

The 2012 meeting was held in the Grand Hotel of Malahide, a scenic seaside resort close to Dublin. The meeting provided an overview of the wealth of subjects treated within the CMST domain and was a good platform for the new Actions to present their ideas and concepts. Specifically interesting for the new Action CM1104 were contacts to the Network for Intermetallic Compounds as Catalysts for Steam Reforming Methanol (Action CM0904) and the European F-Element Network (Action CM1006).